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ompanies have both generic IT needs and unique requirements that form part of their distinctive business model. SNtial can help with both. SNtial can work with major commercial systems like Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, or Sharepoint; various CMS, ERP or CRM systems; or create custom solutions or integrations.

SNtial brings best fit IT solutions to business in a variety of areas:

Financial/Accounting systems
Collaborative inward/outward facing business networking for employees and customers
Web portals
Project Management (Agile, ITIL)
Industrial worker productivity management
Industrial operations tracking
Digital Asset review/tracking
Web-enabled User Interfaces to legacy systems
Management/Administration of: Identity/Namespace, Documents, Training, Content, Events, Workflows, Facilities, Human Resources, Parking, Travel Expenses
Diverse supplier management
Desktop/Server custom application development
Mobile application development (responsive, adaptive and native)
Data Management: Storage, Administration, ETL, Marts, Warehousing and BI/Reporting
Integration of data and services across disparate systems
Strategic Analysis/Assessment
Business Analysis of requirements and workflows

SNtial is versed in Rapid Application Development
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Public Sector

Many of the same consulting solution areas apply to the public sector. However public entities often have a different pattern of needs/concerns with increased attention to: public records, regulatory and legal compliance, media/communication, public outreach, community involvement, events management, and other activities pertinent to the public sector. Increasingly, public entities interface to the public via web applications. SNtial is well equipped to provide expert IT consultation for any of these areas.

Contract Staffing

Sometimes, Organizations need temporary staffing. SNtial always tries to provide a range of possible solutions. Sometimes IT needs are best addressed by staff augmentation or temporary contract placement, rather than contracted consulting projects. SNtial knows exactly what it takes to be successful in IT, and its professional recruiters are highly proficient in delivering qualified individuals for review. SNtial Mark

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